Robert Muhlberger
Robert Muhlberger
Robert Muhlberger
Robert Muhlberger

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Sarl Robert Muhlberger

1 Rue de Strasbourg

67120 Wolxheim


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A Wine Definition


   Le Vin… par Robert Muhlberger,

                      Œnologue ENSAMontpellier.


« Le vin est fruit de la vigne et suc de la terre. »

Claude Sittler – Géologue.



      With the experience and know-how acquired over more than forty     years of vine activity, invites you to share his passion and convictions..., a rare and precious privilege.

   A practical and simple pedagogical approach, a presentation of the main characteristics of Alsace wines, depending on their stage of development and their structure, which are understandable in reference to notions of expression that are:


* The spontaneous freshness of sparklings and young wines whose aromas and fruity are say in a spirit of liveliness, see perky impertinence.


* The minerality revealing expressions of terroir and rock, whether of limestone, sandstone, granite straight... This righteousness is therefore expresses with charm and elegance.


* The depth of structured wines, sometimes powerful, whose complexity is revealed by the evolution of flavors of flowers or fruits, mineral notes backed, the length and flavor reflect the maturity of the substance.


* The richness of the overmaturity wines with aromas and deep evolving, whose amplitude and balance are built on the concentration of all elements of the substance and escape at the heaviness of the only sweetness.


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